Brett Rheeder’s “Beautiful Idiot” is Phenomenal!

Beautiful Idiot

Beautiful Idiot takes you on a ride through the mindset and motivations of those who feel driven to pursue greatness, how it can feel to fall short, and the consequences of reaching a lofty goal when the struggle to get there has defined you for so long; featuring professional slopestyle rider Brett Rheeder.

What inspires an athlete, an artist, or an entrepreneur to choose a harder path through life, towards greatness? What keeps them motivated? And what happens after they reach a goal that has given them purpose for so long?

In Beautiful Idiot — a short film featuring professional freeride mountain bike rider Brett Rheeder — directors Harrison Mendel and Robb Thompson, film studio Grain, and cinematographer Liam Mullany explore the connections between achievements, failures, and personal identity.

The journey through an overachiever’s mind plays out on-screen as a visually stunning series of rides by Rheeder, set against a backdrop of western Canadian scenery that includes Tofino, and the Okanagan Valley.

Directed by: Harrison Mendel and Robb Thompson
Written by: Anders J. Svensson
Featuring: Brett Rheeder
With: Elliot Friesen and Austin Friesen
Produced by: GRAIN and Harrison Mendel
Director of Photography: Harrison Mendel
Principle Cinematographer: Liam Mullany