Schley, Gracia & Schumann: Defining New Lines

Defining New Lines

When childhood dreams become reality: As of summer 2019, Max Schumann is now part of the mountain bike team of safety experts ABUS. Max is busy making a name for himself within the global biking scene, racing at the Enduro World Series in years past and also starting in some adrenaline-pumping events like the Megavalanche. Apart from that, his stories from cycling around the world inspire many of his fans to go out and explore more. In “Defining New Lines”, Max takes us out for a trip on the trails surrounding the ABUS Headquarters in Wetter, running into his teenage idols in the woods: Cedric Gracia and Richie Schley. While shredding the trails, Max explains the importance of role models and a strong team, as well as the vision that ABUS and the three riders all share.

Every passionate athlete likes to look back at the legends of their sport, at the role models that came before them in order to learn about history. Big names and events inspire the community for years to come and become examples for generations. This is true for more than just sports – the same rules apply in business – strong roots and entrepreneurial heritage drive brands forward when it comes to development as well as motivating brands to take a new direction.

Through close collaboration with experienced athletes in the further development of its mountain bike helmet line, ABUS now demonstrates its commitment in this industry. The long-term expertise of the company coupled with the rich experience and the vision of the mountain bike pros will help bring new mountain bike specific helmets to the market.

Cedric Gracia and Richie Schley have been on the ABUS team since the beginning of 2019, kickstarting the new direction of ABUS’ mobile security division. Causing a sensation with their “Roots of Progression” video, they showcased their different biking backgrounds and let us know what keeps them motivated to this day. Now, Max Schumann has also joined the team. For ABUS, athletes are more than just brand ambassadors, they are the ones who know the scene, the industry and most importantly – the real world out there.

Defining New Lines

Philipp Richter, Head of Marketing Management International at ABUS, outlines the importance of working with athletes:

“We’re known as experts when it comes to security technology. Since the 1990’s, we’ve built up a comprehensive know-how within the helmet segment. The close collaboration with athletes, which brings in years of experience from different mountain bike segments, complements that perfectly. We get a lot of valuable input straight from the pro riders themselves and constantly get new challenges and fresh perspectives.” 

Max Schumann, the newest team rider, is also excited about the partnership: “I am thrilled that I can help ABUS with the development of their new helmets, especially together with Richie and Cedric, who were some of my idols growing up. ABUS is dedicated to safety, security, unlike any other company I know. The helmet is one of the most important pieces of gear for bike riders and it’s only logical that ABUS wants to set newstandards within head protection. I’m stoked to be directly involved with product development and I’m excited to see what the future brings.”