Evil Bike Co. Launches Insurgent LB Park

Insurgent LB Park
Insurgent LB Park

It’s Bike Park season, dust filled berms, party trains and after-ride parties are available for all. For a couple of years Luke Strobel’s been spotted, in depths of the PNW, destroying tracks on a Wreckoning with a custom dual crown fork. He’s even won a few DH races on it, which made us think, that looks like a helluva lot of fun, we want in on that action! With the future of DH bikes uncertain we decided to bring a little more party to our longer travel trail bikes by releasing a limited edition Park Bike build on the Insurgent and Wreckoning LB meaning you too can get into those long summer days lapping the park or shuttling your favourite hill.

Trail bike fun combined with DH bike balls is what the Park Editions are all about. We mixed the Insurgent and Wreckoning’s already hellish ability to cause trails harm with a RockShox Boxxer, Push 11.6, Chromag combo to make these Limited Edition’s a true connoisseurs Park bike.

A limited run of 80 Insurgent and Wreckoning LBs are available globally for those of you who want the playfulness and jibability of a trail bike with the big-hit balls and stability that a Boxxer up front gives you. A Push shock in the back means you’ve got poppy and sendy or rock eating and top speed at the flick of switch thanks to their two separately tuneable circuits. A full complement of BC’s finest Chromag kit completes the cockpit, seat, saddle and for the first time ever, Pedals! SRAM code brakes are all the clamping force you’ll ever need when you’re hurtling down A-line wondering if you’ll survive the g-force in the next corner. X01 7sp drivetrain means precise shifting and only gears you need, nothing more nothing less. Finally EThirteen LG1 alloy DH wheels are ready for all the sideways landings, bottom corner drifts and cuttys you can throw at the mountain.

The Insurgent LB Park is a corner slaying machine and crazy stable over rough terrain while maintaining its light handling trail bike feel. Whips, tables, taboggans and whatever other stunts you want are begging to be pulled out off every lip and you won’t be able to resist a side hit or cutty rut on this nimble beast. If going so fast you get a nose bleed is your thing then the Wreckoning LB Park has all the traction and chunder-plowing momentum you could want without losing any agility in the tighter sections and of course it jumps with stability and poise giving you the confidence to send that jump you’ve never hit before.

The Insurgent LB Park is available online straight from EVIL and will run you a cool €7,999.99, so better go to the bank and take out a loan or sell your kidney on the street corner, but we don’t know how much you’ll get for that one…might not be enough.