Get Ready to Send It in Bike Unchained 2

Bike Unchained 2

What if you could ride epic Downhill tracks, pull off the craziest Slopestyle tricks, be mentored by some of the brightest stars in the sport, show your friends – and the world – who’s the best on the planet? Now, you can! And you don’t even need to be a pro-rider to compete; not yet at least. You don’t need to travel across the world or to wait for the season to start – or dread for it to finish. All of this is possible and you already have everything you need right in your hand.

Bike Unchained is available for iOS and Android – so go give it a download! 

You know the feeling, right? Rain outside the window, at least 2 hours drive to your closest trails and your favorite shovel just broke. FIFA isn’t your thing, and you’re currently boycotting the NFL for some stupid reasons. So what do you do all day? Well, shred gnar from the comfort of your own couch by firing up Bike Unchained 2! 

The sequel, which has been redesigned from the ground up, allows players to play in portrait orientation mode, putting the power to win in the palm of one hand. Another key step-up of this latest installment are the stunning, realistically crisp 3D graphics, designed to recreate not only the surroundings, landscapes and look and feel of iconic Downhill and Slopestyle courses, but also the body movements and flow of real-life riders.

“When we started working on Bike Unchained 2, we decided from the beginning we wanted to listen to what players that had played the first version had to say. We knew we had a good thing going with the first Bike Unchained, but players told us they wanted more realism. It made sense for us to design the sequel with a focus on delivering that realism through stunning visuals and a gameplay experience that allows beginners and veterans to feel the excitement of riding bikes,” 

Pekka Kupiainen, Producer Bike Unchained 2

“We also wanted to make sure that everyone who worked on the game knew that excitement first-hand. At Red Bull we have access to the greatest MTB riders in the world, so we teamed up with Matti Lehikoinen, Finnish Downhill legend, who was tireless in sharing his experience with our developers so that they could produce the most realistic game out there. It was great to get everyone on the same page say, ‘Yeah, that’s the adrenaline rush we’re going for’, and of course it was a bonding experience for the team as well.”

In the real world, MTB is as much about riding as it is about sharing the experience with others. Bike Unchained 2 builds on that premise: in every race of the game you´ll be racing against real opponents. You´ll have the chance to participate in live competitions and events against other shredders from around the globe. This will not only give you bragging rights over the friends you invite to your own custom leagues, but could also give you the chance to win actual real-world prizes.

To become the best, you’ll need to learn from the best. The roster of Bike Unchained 2 mentors – who will teach, challenge and bring the very best out of your riding – is as good as they come. A few new faces have been added to assemble possibly the all-time greatest roster of MTB talent in a mountain biking game. You’ll get all the guidance you need from this international All-Star Team:


Aaron Gwin

Fabio Wibmer

Greg Callaghan

Kate Courtney

Loic Bruni

Myriam Nicole

Tahnée Seagrave


Brandon Semenuk

Emil Johansson

Thomas Genon

Martin Söderstrom

Szymon Godziek

Yannick Granieri


Andreu Lacondeguy

Carson Storch

Darren Berrecloth

While working with and learning from the best certainly helps, one also needs the best gear to truly stand out. The game now features more top quality bike parts than ever before: the more you progress through the game the more options will be unlocked, allowing you to build and ride your dream bike, to stomp the fastest lines and the gnarliest of runs.

Quick verdict: 

We’ve downloaded the game and spent the morning playing it. While the graphics aren’t exactly “photo-realistic”, they’re certainly a step-up from the first iteration of the game and the changed controls, which make it more of a play-by-wire experience than before, are a breath of fresh air; you certainly don’t look like an bumbling idiot in the bus, train or whatever you take to school/work as you don’t have to rotate your phone all over the place. 

For now, we’re going to dive back in and we’ll probably hit you with a more in-depth review later on!