Tired Mag Is Back – with a Twist

Hey everyone,

We were gone for a while – just floating in the never ending reaches of the internet, but Tired Mag is Back – we’re making a concerted effort to return to share more photos, more videos, more stories – no matter whether we’re talking about downhill shredding, enduro races, gravel adventures or road rockets.

It’s important to note that my interests have broadened – I used to only care about downhill and bike park sessions, while nowadays I find myself on my road bike going on 100km+ rides and I enjoy it just as much as a solid downhill session and my commute to work has become a bit of a race against myself.

So you’ll see more news here from outside of the world of downhill – EWS, Tour de France, Grinduro, we want to cover it all – and we want to attend it all.

So settle in with a cup of coffee and follow along as we bring you news, videos and cool photos, but also some more long-form content.

Ride safe, ride strong,

Richard Bos, Editor

Header photo by asoggetti on Unsplash