The story of TIRE(D) isn’t a very difficult one or a very long one, not yet anyway. Ever since I got into mountain biking (Gravity, Enduro, Dirt), I’ve consumed…no, devoured every single sliver of information available to me, whether this came in the form of a magazine, a website, a video or a photo. I started writing and taking photos for a gravity website, but there was always something itching inside me to do more, to take a step into the dark and to hopefully find the light switch.

That light switch turned out to be Clay Porter, filmer of Deathgrip, and just overall badass individual. While reading the book that accompanied the movie, I stumbled upon the following quote:

“If there are any hungry and passionate kids out there that want to make something cool, make a sick website and your own content. Don’t go down the tried and tested route and just embed everybody else’s shit.”
That was the spark that finally pushed me over the edge to create TIRE(D). I hopped into my contacts list and talked to a few people that I knew would be excited about the idea.

Honestly, Tired would have never been made or even gotten off the ground without the help of the following people:

Ewa “Pstrykania” Kania
Mayhemedia (Mikkel Gerrard and Steffen Kolstad)
Max Blair
Rich Kurowski
Clay Porter (even though I’ve never met him IRL)

And basically everyone who said “That’s a sick idea” instead of “But dude, aren’t there like 500 other magazines out there?”

So that’s the short story. Hopefully, you’ll be able to hold the very first issue of TIRE(D) in your hands very soon…

Enjoy the read,